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With our vast experience, Cave Extra Private Safe(CEPS) Limited has built a reputation of professionalism in providing a range of Security solutions to the Corporate, Banking and Diplomatic sectors.
Innovation is at the heart of our differentiation, in addition to a portfolio of services, we offer integrated solutions. A convenient platform combining: Access Control, CCTV, Fire and Intruder Alarm systems is available to our clients.
We believe in maintaining our heritage by employing high calibre staff and a management that is dynamic to changes in the environment and security industry, thus providing value for money to our clients.

Security Simplified

CEPS’s Monitoring platforms provide clients with a unique integrated
management system to monitor and control various functions such as: Alarm Systems,
Access Control, CCTV surveillance, Security Personnel and Fire alarm systems on multiple sites,
integrated into and controlled from one single user friendly application.

Access Control as defined by its name provides controlled access into and out
of a facility. In conjunction with CCTV the user is able to remotely identify
and control access of vehicles and personnel. Coupled with IP cloud technology,
multiple sites can be globally managed ensuring efficient use of manned personnel
costs including monitoring Time & Attendance and traffic management.

Why Choose CEPS Security?

They choose us to protect and deliver their most valuable and vulnerable assets because we provide tailor made solutions built around their requirements. All items that pass through our network have their own inherent logistics risks and require specialist technical knowledge and equipment to ensure they are securely picked up, delivered and received on time.

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CEPS Security gives you an intelligence umbrella. Insights with real time information,
tactical monitoring and actionable recommendations fed directly to the field
team protecting your interests.